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Das reisende Musikerkollektiv setzt sich aus wechselnden Mitgliedern verschiedenster Nationen zusammen und diese Mischung spiegelt sich auch in ihrer Musik wieder, die sie selbst als ? middle eastern-funk-rock-jazz“ bezeichnen . SHISHKO, Tanzbar, gut gelaunt und voller Energie.

Was born in the spring of 2014 in the foothill’s of the Himalayan Mountains. Founded by Oshan Mahony and Moshe Zehavi, the Later is the main composer/ arranger and leader for the project and collaborates with fellow musicians accross the globe to create a unique and unforgettable sound.

Is a traveling collective with a revolving line up according to the location, members include artists from France, America, Israel, Germany, Spain, and Russia . The diverse musical exspression within he spans clear across the world touching notes of Contemporary, Balkan, Turkish, Arabic, Latin, Rock, and Funk just to name a few. Its an energetic, animated and theatrical show thats sure to move a room.