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MAJID KAZEMI – SA. 03.08. um 18:00



Majid Kazemi  is an Iranian-German musician, composer, arranger, producer Musical director and singer, who is always looking for unconventional styles of music, and this has made him produce different works in different genres and look for different combinations.

In his personal projects, he has great collaborations with the legendary Iranian songwriter, Iraj Jannati Ataee , the result of which is the album Isolé , which is a different story of the world after the exile of Iranians who were forced to leave the country to pursue an artistic life after the 1979 revolution.

In this collection, there are songs related to women's rights in the Middle East and a review of romances related to exile and homesickness.

Of course, his record of producing protest songs dates back to the 2014 Adrenalism album. The song In Koja O An Koja  is one of his most successful works containing a sharp satire criticising the current government.

In recent years, his musical focus is more towards world music, the result of which is the production of the "Electro-Fusion" 2018 album, an open instrumental project, which combines Middle Eastern music and scales with electronic rhythms and spaces such as deep house and techno.

This is how Majid describe this project:

‘’During the past years, I did a lot of work in the field of music production and experienced various results and feedback; Both from the works that I performed myself and from the works that I made for my friends and collaborated with. Each of them was full of experience and tests that keep the flame of the lantern of my music alive today. I am still eager to learn and improve myself in the endless world of music. The excitement I feel in new works is indescribable. When words are removed from music, the doors of communication between all the listeners of the world are opened and it doesn't matter what nationality or culture. Ears instinctively find musical notes and create the eternal vibration of our world.

There are still hidden musical tunnels between East and West that I must discover and share with you! ‘’