FRA! – FR. 11.08. um 20:00

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FRA! – FR. 11.08. um 20:00


FRA! - FR. 11.08. um 20:00

FRA!-the funkiest band from Ghana-stands for surprisingly fresh sounds mixed to dance-ableand enjoyable feel-good music-from afrobeat, high-life to afrofunk!FRA! delivers an energetic performance with infectious grooves that get audiences dancing rightaway. Their hypnotizing and catchy choruses and an even better showmanship turn the showinto a huge party! Highlife, funk and Afrobeat all show up in their mix, but the root of it all is theirafrocentric heritage which is clearly Ghanaian highlife. FRA! ‘s thrilling performance leaves theaudience asking for more!This music ensemble from Accra, Ghana which consists of 6 young people from differentbackgrounds united by one language; the language of music. The name “Fra” comes from theAkan word which means “mix” and this is a reference to the elements of fusion which isfound in their music. The band has performed at a number of festivals in recent years, includingEtnosur, Pirineos Sur, Canarias Jazz Festival, La Mars de Musicas, La Porta Ferrada, MAPAS,MUMES, Visa for Music, Nyege Nyege fest, Sauti Za Busara, and Visa for Music.