BALAPHONIK – Sa. 12.08. um 16:00

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BALAPHONIK – Sa. 12.08. um 16:00


Sa. 12.08. um 16:00

Multi-instrumentalist and troubadour of modern times, Alex travels the world with his sleigh sound system.
Somewhere between contemporary and traditional sounds, Balaphonik Sound System it’s the kind of new breath we’ve been waiting for a long time.
Alex has worked in different artistic projects, using many kinds of music, from metal to gnawa, reggae to hiphop, studying the rhythms through his meetings and travels around the world.
With Balaphonik Sound System, Alex offers his most personal project, steeped in dub, reggae, electro and hiphop influences and meeting ethnic musics.
The compositions remix the sound territories of the world and showing what the currently mutations of the music can offer, original and innovative.
Balafon, hurdy gurdy, didgeridoo, loop station, machines, Moog bass synth confront vocals, beatbox and other jew’s harps. Autonomy in sound and backline, everything is produced in live.
Tireless and creative, Balaphonik Sound System makes the bodies move and nourishes the soul.