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Bomrani was formed in 2008 by “Behzad Omrani”, (lead singer and rhythm guitar). He used “Bomrani” as his stage name and after having some solo performances and releasing “Yellow Sky, Blue Sun” album in 2010, he met “Mani Mozaka” (harmonica and trumpet) and “Jahanyar Ghorbani” (electric guitar) which led to the formation of Bomrani band officially.

During those years, Bomrani with three band members had several experimental performances in cafes and later Arash Omrani (keyboards), Kiarash Omrani (bass guitar) and Abtin Yaghmaeian (drums) joined the band.

The tracks they composed and performed until 2010 were released in an unofficial album “Naked Socks”. They performed in various charity projects such as “Mahak”. They had several creative collaborations with Iranian reputable theater directors and composed successful theater music pieces. Thanks to their multiplicity of their pieces, they were known as the most hard-working and active band in theater music in 2011 by the public relations of The City Theater, the most well-known performing arts complex in Tehran. They have also composed film scores for some Iranian famous movies.

The variety of the music they composed in theater attracted various people with different tastes. Hence, they were commissioned by Chekeh Records to release an album for children in 2012. The album “Red Bus” as their first commissioned album was released on June 13th, 2014 and received great attention.



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