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“Pundarika Tantra Meditation” nach Yogini Devi Singh

Dozent:Yogini Geeta Devi Singh
Teilnehmer: im Außenbereich unbegrenzt geschlossene Rahme maximal 40 leute
Voranmeldung: ohne Voranmeldung
Zum mitbringen: Yogamatte, Decke und ggf. Kissen und Waaser



“Pundarika Tantra” (Because this is my way of sharing this precious Practice. I see a Universal connection which needs our hearts to connect, so I bring to you the different cultures and songs to touch the Souls and to open the heavens for whatever Healing that need to take place.
Pundarika means “white lotus”, also the symbol of beauty and innocence.
Tantra is an ancient path to emotional and physical healing, wholeness. Wellbeing, enlightenment – to realize Union with – The One Power

White clothing is the  purity of thought – positive, healing, creative thoughts  devoid of negativity and to keep the Aura Kristal clear so we can meet on same levels of existence. This is a Partner Meditation. Highly recommended to change partners for each set.

Pundarika Tantra Meditation

Pundarika Tantra relates to the spirituelle Tantric practice and consists of exercises or postures (asanas) combined with special breathing (pranayama), hand or finger gestures (mudras), internal muscular exercises (bhandas), chanting (mantra), and meditation. The skills and benefits of Pundarika Tantra practices increases ones ability to Love, and to recognize and experience Love. A practice which is meant to be experienced and shared at home in sacred Space. The beauty of a huge group is the energy flow, this is deeply touching. An experience never to be missed.

I choose to bring Continents together into this Meditation. So a kind off “World Love Spark” can be set free. So expect to make a trip to Hawai, India, Africa, south America and Europe

Sessions go 2 hours . 4 X 11 minuten mediation + 1x 33 minuten – rest time is for short breaks.

  • During the short break, which maybe 15 minutes, its recommendable to keep your energy intakt, so less talking, but take care of your needs.
  • In order to get full und deep experiences its recommended to change mediations partner for each set.

Wearing white is a symbol of Purity and Love. So please respect this.

My intention as I put this Mediation together is to create an awareness and experience of this deep love which is in every single one of us. To touch and be touched and allow the energies to flow with deep intention of Healing for yourself and the rest of the World.


Dozent: Yogini Devi Singh
Teilnehmer: im Außenbereich unbegrenzt / geschlossene Rahme maximal 40 leute
Voranmeldung: ohne Voranmeldung
Zum mitbringen: Yogamatte, Decke und ggf. Kissen und Wasser



This is a 2.5 hour journey to awaken your inner bliss. It’s an inner journey, yet we do partner exercises to help us settle in – within ourselves. We will be working on activating our orgasmic being, going into deeper states of bliss through breathing and energy activation. Orgasmic breathing can be done alone, in groups and with partners. Both individuals and couples are welcome. The workshop is fully clothed and no nudity.


Orgasmic Breathing is a Tantric practice developed to create more intimacy and bliss in our lives. No experience is needed, just your willingness to open your heart to yourself. So you will be connecting with your Breathing, Movement and your Sound. This is a Relationship with Self-Other-World. You are the Medicine!

You are going to expand your energy field into new Dimensions while becoming more aware of underlying sensations and sexual Life-force. This Life-Force expands into Bliss, a natural state that brings forth more fun and greater joy in our lives. We become more connected, creative and alive.


✔️ Orgasmic bliss & transcendental transformation

✔️ Increased sexual energy and pleasure

✔️ Heart expansion & self-love

✔️ Increased sensitivity & awakened senses

✔️ Clarity and spiritual visions

✔️ Life synchronicity


Indian Roots with an upbringing in South Africa, Geeta Devi Singh has the privilege of 2 most powerful Spiritual Roots – India and Africa in this Life. Today she lives in Bern, she is a Yogini, Tantrikerin, Sexual coach, Bodywork therapist, Kundalini Yoga teacher and a free Spirt. She believes in a Yoni Revolution and longs to see the day when Woman come together in their true Power to Conquer the worldly Issues, to help Men come into their True Power, so they too can live their true purpose. The Flower of Life is true Energy that gives her the Strength.

Through her Life story, Geeta has chosen to look at the Planet with knowing eyes, you will notice everywhere that people are preparing for an awakening. It is the awakening of the True Self. Some may call this Spirituality, enlightenment or Self Awakening. Some may experience being highly sensible. Other stories, being held by Gods Love. However you want to call it, we all have been through these similar experience’s. And it all comes down to a new Feeling an openness for the Spirit and a very Deep Understanding for all Living, including the Relationship of ones Self and God.


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